Breaking: Scott Pruitt Out at EPA

The campaign against Scott Pruitt at EPA (more stories in the New York Times than it ran on the scarcity of women at Augusta a decade ago—clearly planned and planted by the environmental establishment) has finally borne fruit: Pruitt has resigned today.

I haven’t kept up with the running list of Pruitt’s alleged and real mis-steps, but the best account I heard of his tenure as EPA administrator is that he was “doing a good job badly.” He seemed to have more than the usual self-regard and obliviousness to “appearances,” whose double-standards Republicans need to understand when they go to DC. (If the media had been half as curious about scandals and self-dealing under Obama’s EPA we’d have seen a flood of stories.)

One aspect of the story did attract my attention, though. It seemed the drive to get Pruitt picked up steam shortly after the EPA announced it might substantially scale back the stupid ethanol blending requirements. Coincidence? I think not.