Dave Begley: Dems Belong Together in Omaha

Nebraska attorney Dave Begley is the only guy I know who attended one of the Families Belong Together rallies across the country yesterday protesting the Trump administration’s enforcement of immigration law. Writing from the Omaha rally — contrast Dave’s report with the Omaha World-Herald’s cheerleading — Dave reports:

Wisconsin law professor emerita and blogger Ann Althouse is a severe critic of anyone who uses children for political advantage, but they weren’t playing to her prescriptions at the Families Belong Together rally in south Omaha yesterday. The festivities commenced with three cute kids singing along to an original song inspired by Cesar Chavez. The songwriter apparently didn’t know that the late union leader opposed illegal aliens working in this country.

The rally had the aspect of fantasy. Every word spoken to the crowd was translated into Spanish even though 95 percent of the crowd of about 600 appeared to have English as their native language. The Hispanics of Omaha appeared to be missing in action. Another aspect of the fantasy imputes all evil to Trump. If it was admitted that Trump had issued an executive order to remedy the immediate problem of family separation, it wasn’t good enough or wasn’t being implemented fast enough. Open borders are the true goal.

The saddest part of this whole issue is the injection of religion. Many religious people of goodwill feel that Obama’s enforcement policy also erred, but they remained silent when a Democrat was president. A nun (who will remain nameless) informed us that the 2013 election in Honduras was stolen from the people by the United States government; she didn’t tell us that Obama was President at the time. The nuns at my grade school didn’t teach idiots.

I was informed by one in attendance that a group of Catholic bishops is headed to a Texas detention center to protest. This a grave mistake by the Catholic Church. It needs to stay out of politics and stick to its last. The bishops convey the message that anyone who respects the rule of law is no longer welcome in the Church. With the sex abuse scandals that they have mishandled — see the multimillion dollar settlement of abuse claims recently announced in the Twin Cities — the bishops have still to get their own house in order. I am Catholic myself and am sickened by the lack of common sense at the top.

The head of the Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition told us to “vote blue in November.” The true purpose of this rally was really manifested itself in opposition to Trump and enlistment of new Democrat voters. The official Nebraska voter registration application was available. In order to register to vote, a person need only have a driver’s license or state identification number. The prospective voter then signs the application declaring that he is a citizen “to the best of my knowledge and belief and under the penalty of election falsification” that all of the statements are true. Illegals can easily sign up.

A 19-year-old college student told us that his parents – although still living – made the “ultimate sacrifice” by bringing him to this country illegally at the age of five. It really is remarkable that illegal immigrants today brazenly proclaim their status and have no fear of deportation. If the law was enforced, ICE would show up at his parents’ house tomorrow and deport them to Mexico.

The master of ceremonies was community organizer and activist Ben Salazar. Salazar graduated from law school (not Creighton!) but, according to his LinkedIn profile, he has never practiced law. He did, however, sue the NCAA and the College World Series for racial discrimination when he was kicked out of free seats given to him as a member of the Press. Case dismissed.

The rally took place a few blocks from the home of my great grandfather Michael Begley. He died working in a packinghouse at the age of 63. Michael Begley’s father was born in County Kerry, Ireland; he moved to Nebraska shortly after statehood. I don’t know if he brought any minor children with him to the United States but I do know that his immigration to America was entirely legal.

My great grandfather raised nine children in a tiny house. One of those was John P. Begley. My great uncle John was one of the first CPA’s in Nebraska, he earned a doctorate, he passed the Iowa bar exam even though he never attended law school and he taught accounting at Creighton University for 50 years. His brother Leonard owned Begley GMC truck. It drives me wild when people assert that America is a nation of immigrants with no reference to legality. If this country doesn’t follow the rule of law we have no future as a as a sovereign nation.


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