Democrats: Treason!! Voters: Ho Hum

Paul noted earlier today several surveys, including the NBC/Wall St. Journal poll, that found that hysteria over Helsinki had little or no impact on President Trump’s standing with voters. For entertainment value, the opening minutes of this MSNBC program are worth watching. The far-left crew can’t understand why no one seems to care what they think:

I follow the Rasmussen survey because it is currently the only presidential approval daily tracking poll, and because its consistent methodology makes it a good trend barometer. The Rasmussen poll–also significant because it samples likely voters–finds an almost imperceptible hit to President Trump’s approval as a result of the Helsinki hysteria, which already seems to be more or less over. Here are the numbers for the last month; click to enlarge:

It seems obvious that pretty much everyone has an opinion of Donald Trump that isn’t likely to change much. Certainly shrieking MSNBC hosts, Hollywood actresses and Bob Mueller aren’t going to have much impact. Still less will many voters change their minds about Trump if it emerges that he gave money to a Playboy Playmate, as his former lawyer now alleges. Ho hum. In all these matters, for the reasons Paul stated, the voters are far wiser than the leftist pundits.