Ellison responds, sort of

Over the weekend I laid out Keith Ellison’s record of unabashed support for cop killers. It is a record that should disqualify him from any office of public trust, let alone congressional office. It hasn’t stopped him yet, but perhaps it will become an issue now that he seeks office as Minnesota Attorney General (i.e., Minnesota’s top law enforcement officer).

Yesterday afternoon we received this message from Ellison finance director Sarah Helgen, addressed personally to “Hind.” Helgen don’t call me out by name or mention what the fuss is about. She doesn’t respond in substance. She simply asserts that “the far-right has already started coming after Keith and our campaign hard…” Helgen writes:


The far-right has already started coming after Keith and our campaign hard, just like we knew they would.

They’ve seen Keith in Congress. They know he won’t back down when our civil rights, and the rights of workers, consumers, and families of all backgrounds are under attack.

They know how effective Keith will be as Attorney General in bringing this fight to their doorstep, and they’re scared because they know a level playing field means they can’t continue to rig our economy in their favor.

There is no one more ready to lead the charge for justice and fairness than Keith, but he cannot do this all by himself. This movement has always been funded by grassroots donors like you. We need your support more than ever, because we know these attacks are just the beginning.

Our first public fundraising deadline is coming up at the end of this month, and we need to demonstrate just how many people have Keith’s back, no matter what the right wing throws at us. If you can, help us make a statement and make a contribution of $5, $10, $25 or more today.

Thanks so much,

Sarah Helgen
Finance Director

What a crock.

I will add only that the endorsed Republican candidate for attorney general is Doug Wardlow. Doug is a serious candidate running a serious campaign and has a legitimate chance of stopping the evasive Ellison in his tracks. You can support Doug with a contribution here.