In the Concord Management case

Earlier this week the pseudonymous Techno Fog posted the transcript of the June 15 hearing before Judge Dabney Friedrich in the Special Counsel prosecution of Concord Management and Consulting (“the Russian troll case,” as TF calls it). TF extracts every bit of interest from the transcript in a series of tweets beginning with the one below. I have posted the 33-page transcript itself at the bottom.

Among the threads of interest that appear in the hearing are the challenges presented by the government’s obligation to provide discovery to Concord and the weirdness of the government’s election law charge in the case (conspiracy to defraud the United States via “electioneering communications”). The transcript provides a preview of coming attractions in a case the Special Counsel obviously did not contemplate prosecuting.

20180615 Dlf Sc Usa v. Concord by Scott Johnson on Scribd


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