Inside Israel’s Tehran heist

Last week the Israeli government briefed a few select reporters on the dramatic Mossad heist of documents from Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The government invited these reporters to review key documents from the heist. The government briefing included either David Sanger or Ronen Bergman from the New York Times and Gerald Seib from the Wall Street Journal. The Sanger/Bergman account of the heist is published as “How Israel, in Dark of Night, Torched Its Way to Iran’s Nuclear Secrets.” Seib’s account is “Inside Israel’s Raid to Seize Nuclear Documents in Iran.” Joby Warrick also has an account in today’s Washington Post (I can’t access it or even retrieve the URL behind the Post’s paywall). Below is Ronen Bergman’s tweet drawing attention to the story.

These stories are must reading, although the Times cannot help itself. The Sanger/Bergman Times story includes the obligatory apologetics of former Obama administration officials explaining the brilliance of the deal they did with Iran to fund and protect Iran’s nuclear program.

UPDATE: Reader David Hanig provides this link to Joby Warrick’s Washington Post story.