McCain backs Kavanaugh

Senator John McCain has expressed his strong support for the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. McCain tweeted:

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has impeccable credentials & a strong record of upholding the Constitution. He is widely respected as a fair, independent & mainstream judge. I look forward to the Senate moving forward with a fair & thorough confirmation process.

We don’t know whether McCain will be physically able to vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. If he is, Kavanaugh can afford to lose one Republican vote. If not, he needs them all.

But McCain’s support is indicative of the high regard in which Kavanaugh is held not just on the right, but also on the center-right. Fairness, independence, and mainstream status (whatever that means) is what Senators like Susan Collins presumably are looking for in a Supreme Court nominee.

Collins will make up her own mind on Kavanaugh, of course. But McCain vouching for him is a good early sign in the quest for her vote.