Palestinian Authority: We Have a Right to Kill Israelis!

The *international community* considers the Palestinian Authority to be Israel’s “peace partner.” Or used to, anyway. Unfortunately, the facts keep getting in the way.

The Palestinian Authority has long paid bounties to the families of terrorists who murder Israelis. Israel has been trying to deal with this incitement to mass murder for quite a while. Recently, Israel passed a law under which amounts paid by the PA to the families of convicted and deceased terrorists will be deducted from tax collections remitted by Israel to the PA.

Seems reasonable. But in this video, Hassan abd Rabbo, Spokesman for the PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs, explains that the Israeli law is an outrage because it infringes on the Palestinians’ natural right to murder Jews. Payments to the families of terrorists, he says, will never stop. Paying terrorists and the families of terrorists is a “sacred national obligation of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian leadership.” This looks like a situation that is ripe for compromise.