Still waiting

In her weekly Wall Street Journal column yesterday Kim Strassel wondered if the FBI would come clean about the origin of the 2016 Trump investigation. She noted that a House resolution had set yesterday “as the deadline for the Justice Department to come clean on the beginning of its investigation into the Trump campaign.” If the subpoenaed documents were produced by the end of the day, we would “find out if the FBI has been lying to the public” about the origin of the investigation.

The deadline came and went. At FOX News, Catherine Herridge reports that, according to sources, “DOJ, FBI still not in full compliance with document request.” Reasonable observers might infer that they have something to hide and that they are hiding it.

On a related note, Byron York explains what House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is up to with his recent letters to colleagues. In his letters he asks fellow committee chairmen to pick up loose threads of his committee’s investigation to determine “whether the FBI used informants against the 2016 Trump campaign and, if so, how many, when, and how much money was spent on the project.” There is so much we don’t know and reason to wonder whether the truth will ever come out.


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