The Blevins video

John wrote about the police shooting and resulting death of one Thurman Blevins here. Police had been called to the scene by a citizen reporting gunshots fired from the street.
When the police arrived, they found the perpetrator and his pistol in plain view. The video released yesterday shows the officers doing what they should have done, but Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey could only rouse himself to declare that he found the video “traumatic.” As the Star Tribune puts it, Frey “declined to address the actions of Blevins or the officers.”

KARE 11 included the video in its report (below). I thought some readers might be interested in checking it out.

Lt. Bob Kroll is the Minneapolis police union president. He held a press conference yesterday commending the officers involved in the shooting for their work in this case and inviting critics to join the force. MPR has a good account of the press conference including a video of Kroll’s comments. It too is worth a look. You have to stick with it all the way to the end to hear Kroll’s salient observation in conclusion. Kroll commented on the mayor’s noncommittal response: “Unfortunately, in this city, you’ve got to pander to the ultraleft in order to get elected. It’s just a sad state of affairs right here.”