The Latest From Michael Ramirez

I know, I’m jumping the gun on tomorrow’s Week In Pictures. But here’s the thing–I can access a preview of Steve’s post, which will go up in the morning, and these cartoons by Michael Ramirez aren’t included. So I offer these three cartoons, all created very recently, with a clear conscience.

Michael envisions the Senate battle over confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, a completely unexceptionable nominee, to the Supreme Court. I am afraid he is right. Click to enlarge:

Let’s hope that Judge Kavanaugh navigates hostile waters as successfully as the GIs of 1944.

This one is a bit more subtle. It relates to Germany’s dependence on Russian natural gas, which Angela Merkel’s government proposes to deepen with a new pipeline while President Trump sensibly points out that dependence on Russia for energy is a potential death knell for Western European democracy:

This last one, frankly, is a bit of inside baseball for those of us who were listening to the radio in the mid-60s, when Herman’s Hermits were big. Their song, “I’m Henry the VIII I am,” was a big hit. You can listen to it here. Honestly, it sounded a lot better in 1965. Anyway, here is the cartoon. Once again, click to enlarge: