The Lighter Side of July 4

In lieu of a mid-week in pictures, July 4 edition, I offer first the July 4 reflections of Winston Churchill from 1918, and then some other fun:

“The Declaration of Independence is not only an American document. It follows on Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights as the third great title-deed on which the liberties of the English-speaking people are founded. By it we lost an Empire, but by it we also preserved an Empire. By applying its principles and learning its lesson we have maintained our communion with the powerful Commonwealths our children have established beyond the seas…We therefore join in perfect sincerity and simplicity with our American kith and kin in celebrating the auspicious and glorious anniversary of their nationhood.”

–Winston Churchill, July 4, 1918

Now, it’s always worth reprising the best Carl’s Jr cheeseburger ad ever:

Might as well include one of the better Star Spangled Banner renditions ever done (because it doesn’t go on all day) by Huey Lewis and the News:

And these bonus memes:

Alexander Hamilton, chick magnet.


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