The Ocasio-Cortez Highlight Reel

The good people at the Washington Free Beacon have compiled a highlight reel of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s greatest hits, framed by DNC chairperson Tom Perez praising Ocasio-Cortez as “the future” of the Democratic Party. I certainly hope so! Occupy the Democratic Party! Enjoy:

Chaser, from the Miami Herald:

Centrist Dems begin arguing against far-left agenda as 2020 play

Leading moderate Democrats forcefully argued this week that the party can embrace a robust agenda of change while still praising capitalism and downplaying income inequality. In other words, everything the empowered liberal base has spent a year and a half mobilizing against.

Good luck with that moderate Dems. You’re having another McGovern moment. I’m old enough to remember how the last one turned out.