The Power Line Show, Ep. 78: Here Comes Da Judge!

Some time in the early morning hours Monday I expect the name of President Trump’s nominee to succeed Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court will leak out, but I recorded interviews for a new episode of the Power Line Show several days ago whose content doesn’t depend on a specific nominee. First, I talk with our regular guest analyst Henry Olsen about both the results of the New York City primary election that has made a leftist superstar out of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and also how the confirmation politics of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee might play out for red state Democratic senators up for re-election. (Short version: Buy popcorn.)

Next, I have on for the very first time a mystery guest who will probably become a regular on the Power Line Show—I’m just going to call her “Professor X” for the time being. She teaches the Constitution to undergraduate political science students at a major state university, and also exercises her 2nd Amendment rights frequently at the gun range, among other things. In this first appearance, “Professor X” argues that we’re not thinking broadly enough about what’s wrong with Supreme Court politics these days, and I think you’ll like her provocative argument.

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