The Power Line Show, Ep. 81: The Next Iranian Revolution?

By the time this episode of the Power Line Show went live, I had scrammed from town on an old-fashioned American-style summer vacation, with the kids in a van, a total-dad roof stack/packing job, lots of fast food, lots of discoveries of local awesome eating joints, etc. Anyway, posts are going to be a bit intermittent this week because I’ll be driving too much. I don’t actually take real vacations very often (though yes, I did go to Hawaii last month, but kept working all the way through, because I took an airplane instead of driving), but this is week is worse than my usual working vacations, because I have to finish a new preface for the paperback edition of Patriotism Is Not Enough, which will be coming out this fall, and also prepare my keynote lecture for the NAS conference at Grove City College in two weeks, and also knock out a long review of several brand new books on the Reagan foreign policy legacy.

In this edition of the podcast, I take on the question: If a thuggish regime fell in the forest and the New York Times didn’t report it, did it make a sound? I asked this questions of Kelly Jane Torrance of the Weekly Standard, who covers the Iran story better than just about any other journalist these days. Typical: Kelly Jane is actually Canadian—another immigrant doing a job American won’t do. In any case,  the Trump Administration’s heavy pressure may be straining the regime to the breaking point. The mainstream U.S. media seem to be ignoring the tidings of increasing unrest and instability. Kelly Jane keeps close tabs with the Iranian resistance in Europe and the U.S. and is well positioned to fill in the gaps.

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