Udall wonders why

I’ve been looking for a highlight reel of Secretary Pompeo’s appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday. I thought it was a highlight reel from beginning to end when Pompeo was speaking. C-SSPAN has posted video of the entire three-hour hearing here.

The clip below features Pompeo responding to New Mexico Senator Tom Udall’s question regarding interest in President Trump’s tax return following the Trump-Putin Helskinki meeting. You know, they’re might be something reflective of his “compromising relationship” with Russia in there. Don’t tune out the video before the last few seconds.

Udall was proud of his performance. He announced to his followers on Twitter: “I’m questioning Secretary Pompeo in the Foreign Relations Committee. Last week, @POTUS shunned our allies, stood next to Putin and refused to defend the integrity of American democracy. Millions of Americans want to know why.” I want to know why this guy is a United States Senator.


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