Do the Brexit Shuffle!

This is the time of the week when I assemble the Week in Pictures for Saturday morning (it’s now mandated in the Constitution and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights), and our research team that scans the globe for material sometimes comes up with videos that are indeed tempting, though for the time being we’re sticking with just still shots for WIP. But some things do deserve notice.

You know the old saying that you should dance like no one is watching? Apparently Prime Minister Theresa May actually believes this piece of bad advice. She’s currently touring Africa, where she apparently decided to express her Brexit policy by means of interpretive dance:

And if you don’t get it right the first time, try again in Kenya:

Well, at least she has George W. Bush to keep her company:

I have a hunch it is a well-known inside joke in Africa: “Hey boss—you how we can get back at our former colonial overlords? Make ’em dance to some drum beats.”

P.S./UPDATE: I am reminded that Churchill, now he could dance!