Green Weenie Grilled, Served with Old Bay

Last week our coveted Green Weenie Award went to the silly critters at PETA for protesting crabs cakes. . . in Baltimore. Someone in Baltimore has settled the matter:


Meanwhile, that same Green Weenie Award was also granted because of PETA’s efforts to liberate the animals on the boxes of Animal Crackers. Apparently the critters at Vox are jealous of PETA’s multiple Green Weenie Awards from Power Line, as they have set out to top PETA in the Absurdity Sweepstakes (and I swear this isn’t The Onion):

. . . Yet the symbolic significance of changing the animal cracker box design does little to dismantle the elements of capitalism that exploit animals, people, and the environment. When art in advertising bears the burden for corporate malpractice, the people involved in these changes get to feel good, but other mechanisms continue to thrive under the surface. . .

I don’t believe that what PETA’s animal cracker box campaign has done is censorship, but I do believe it places an unfair burden on an artist’s contribution without addressing any of the deeper ethical issues in play.

Actually the whole article is even more self-indulgent than this, because the writer is related to the original design artist of the Animal Crackers box, and I think he’s trying to deflect his liberal guilt. But it’s an epic fail all the way around. So a Green Weenie Award is on its way to Vox.