Loose Ends (43)

Another travel day for me, so another quick digest of all the fast-moving stories coming over the transom faster than I can keep up.

Have you heard the latest way the left is hoping to attack Brett Kavanaugh? They’ve dug up some old legal memos from his time working for Ken Starr on the Clinton investigation 20 years ago, in which Kavanaugh proposes that Starr’s prosecutors do not shrink from asking President Clinton very direct and specific questions about his, um. . . extracurricular Oral Office activities.

I think you can file this one under the old heading of “Please, please don’t throw me into that briar patch!” In the midst of the #MeToo crusade, do Democrats really want to be dredging up Bill Clinton’s behavior once again? Do they really want to expose themselves to the double-standards they pronounced (the “one-free grope rule,” etc.) at the time? More likely such a line of questioning will redound to Kavanaugh’s benefit.

Speaking of double-standards, Politico stepped into a deep pile of them when in the course of an article about the late Roy Cohn—Joe McCarthy’s old right-hand man who later went on to work for a certain Manhattan real estate developer—Politico said that Roy Cohn died from AIDS as a “result of the decadent homosexual lifestyle he denied to the end.” Oops. You can’t say that. I can just imagine how the editorial office conversation went, and sure enough, the line was extracted from the article and a profuse apology published in its place: “An earlier version of this story contained language about Roy Cohn that was deemed insensitive and has been removed.” The Wrap has the details. . .

What’s the only thing better than Hillary Clinton running again in 2020? It has to be the prospect that Chelsea Clinton may enter elective politics. It could happen. Fresh off remarking that 60 million abortions had added something like $4 trillion to the economy because of “women entering the workplace” (just imagine how rich we’d be if we just had a 100 percent abortion rate!), she now says that the idea of her running for office is “a definite maybe in the future,” which phrase augurs to set a new land speed record for incoherence and cliche. (By the way, how is it that Hillary Clinton escaped the shackles of motherhood and entered the workforce? It’s as though Chelsea never heard of the category of “working mother” before.)

Reminder: Chelsea Clinton is a complete mediocrity. (Strange that the video that used to display this most obviously has been taken down from YouTube. I guess there is some self-awareness somewhere in the Extended Clinton Universe.) But even some leftists get it about the crown princess.

I hereby nominate this National Geographic photo as the newest hip meme template:

Here, I’ll go first:

Finally, this news item makes me think we’ve got China just where we want ’em:

China Now Drinks More Budweiser That America, Report Says

Budweiser sales in China have officially surpassed the brand’s sales in the U.S., according to a recent report. In fact, Chinese beer drinkers are now consuming more Budweiser than anyone in the world.

But as someone noted on Twitter, a “Chinese official” commented that “When the U.S. sends its beers, they’re not sending us their best. Some, I assume, are drinkable.”


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