Message to Maya

You’d almost not know it from reading the Star Tribune, but in the primary next Tuesday Democrats will select their candidate to replace Keith Ellison and represent Minneapolis in Congress for life. The paper has only given the most superficial attention to the three serious DFL candidates. It has left Ilhan Omar untouched since her endorsement by the party at the special convention held on June 17 despite the apparent fraud she committed in connection with husband number 2 and the natural interest that many voters would have in her recent fundraising trip to California to pitch the Hamas front group CAIR on her merits.

Star Tribune reporter Maya Rao is covering Minnesota’s congressional races. Yesterday she had a long story disseminating Democratic talking points against Republican Second District Rep. Jason Lewis, who is fighting an uphill battle for reelection. Her big story yesterday was “Lewis again grapples with fallout from old on-air remarks.” The Star Tribune has compiled all of Rao’s stories here.

Yesterday PJ Media editor did a deep dive in the story linked below reporting on Omar’s apparently fraudulent marriage to husband number 2 for some ulterior purpose. It is a story that has been out there for the asking over the past two years while the Star Tribune has been otherwise engaged. Kudos to Steinberg for pursuing it doggedly from a distance.

I wrote Rao yesterday morning:

Dear Ms. Rao: Just wondered if you thought that this story [by David Steinberg] on Ilhan Omar might warrant the attention that you have devoted to Jason Lewis’s years-ago comments. Or the story that Omar was out in California fundraising among the CAIR crowd in the past two weeks. Omar faces a competitive primary to represent the congressional district in which the Star Tribune sits and most of its readers live. Thousands of Fifth District voters know what CAIR is all about and would “care” that Omar is catering to the organization. I am mystified by the nonfeasance of the Star Tribune in the case of Omar….

I haven’t heard back from Rao. Perhaps she will get around to these stories after the primary, when Omar has matters safely in hand.

The Star has also been otherwise engaged over the past 12 years that it has left Keith Ellison’s nonstop lies about his days hustling on behalf of the Nation of Islam undisturbed. Now Ellison seeks the job as Minnesota’s top lawman. The Star Tribune is a pathetic excuse for a newspaper.