Monkey business [with comment by Paul]

Yesterday Paul covered the alleged scandal involving Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis. In the aftermath of his primary victory and now running against against black Democrat/socialist Andrew Gillum, DeSantis urged voters not to “monkey this up” (this being Florida’s economic success under Governor Rick Scott) by electing his far-left opponent.

Democrats and their media adjunct are of course engaged in the usual monkey business, seeking to impute racial animus and create controversy where there is none. According to Gillum and his media adjunct, DeSantis had taken up a “full bullhorn” (no dog whistle this time) appealing to the racism of Florida voters.

Well, we’re getting close. “Full bullshit” is more like it. If it weren’t for bullshit and balderdash the Democrats would have nothing to say. When it comes to the monkey business of American politics, the Democrats have no peers.

Monkey business? Hmmmm. We have the great Howard Hawks screwball comedy of the same name. We have the aptly named yacht featured in the Gary Hart-Donna Rice scandal of 1988. We have the immortal Chuck Berry song (video below with Berry and Keith Richard from Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll).

PAUL ADDS: Let’s not forget the hilarious, underrated Marx Brothers movie, “Monkey Business.”