Power Line Show, Ep. 82: “Born American, But in the Wrong Place”—Remembering Peter Schramm

I’m still away on “vacation” at an undisclosed northwestern location for another day or two (I need to keep it vague to throw the bounty hunters off my track), and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do a regular edition of the Power Line Show podcast with a guest conversation, so I decided to go back to the archive and dust off some unused audio from the long interview I taped with the late Peter Schramm back in 2014. I did post a couple short videos from that session at the time, but it struck me that the complete audio would make a great podcast. So here it is.

Peter passed away almost exactly three years ago; hard to believe it is been so long already. I wrote here about the sendoff for him at Ashland just weeks before his passing, where he was in great firm. Peter the Great indeed! Scott wrote about him here, also posting the video of the evening’s tribute, and Peter’s eloquent comments at the end.

Among the topics we discussed that are still very salient was immigration, with Peter commenting on the incompetence and lack of imagination Republicans have about the issue. I do think Peter would like Trump if he was still with us, for reasons I explain in my introduction. I don’t think it is possible to get enough Peter, so do download and listen to him here.

Peter, pictured with Chris Flannery, making his farewell, July 2015.

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