I am not Anonymous

I am not Anonymous, the author of the New York Times op-ed column by a senior administration official denouncing President Trump. I am not a senior administration official and I have no unexpressed thoughts left after writing under my own name for Power Line every day for the past 16 years. Indeed, it has been my goal in life to make the name “Scott Johnson” distinctive to me rather than the large category that it otherwise remains even at my local dry cleaning establishment on West 7h Street in St Paul.

Unlike Anonymous, I judge Trump by the results he has achieved or is likely to achieve through his policies. I judge him by the fulfillment of his campaign promises. I judge him by the great undoing of the Obama administration that he has undertaken. So far, so good. I am grateful.

Who is Anonymous? How senior is he? Where does he hide out in the administration, in the White House or the bureaucracy? Is he in fact a man or does he identify with another sex/gender?

Professor Michael J. Lewis reminds us in his brilliant 2013 Commentary essay that Herman Wouk lives! Wouk is not woke! A friend has identified Wouk’s Tom Keefer as Anonymous.


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