Keith Ellison: No sale yet

A KSTP/Survey USA Poll gives us the first glimpse of the state of play in cop killer loving cum lawman wannabe Keith Ellison’s bid for Minnesota Attorney General. Only Republican candidate Keith Wardlow stands in his way. The poll results show a dead heat at 41 percent each.

Democrats have held a lock on the office roughly since the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. While Republicans have successfully competed for other statewide office in Minnesota over the years, no Republican candidate has won election to the office of Attorney General since 1966.

Doug Wardlow is a good candidate and a serious man, but he has run an ineffectual campaign so far. He has yet to get out the word on Keith Ellison and the Star Tribune is not going to do it for him. I put it out there in the Weekly Standard column “Can Keith Ellison turn lawman?”

The KSTP story shows Ellison with a large lead among women and Wardlow with a large lead among men. This despite the domestic abuse allegations that hang over Ellison. Forty percent of the respondents in the poll nevertheless indicate that the allegations are “a factor” in their response. I assume that the 40 percent correlates to a substantial extent with declared Wardlow voters. Voters of all stripes — men, women, Democrats, Republicans, independents, urban and rural — need to be supplied with information about Ellison’s support for cop killers and his attitude to law enforcement. These remain a deep secret.

Ellison himself wouldn’t talk to KSTP. He declined multiple requests for interviews about the poll. He is avoiding something or other. Ellison instead had his campaign spokesman email an unresponsive statement reiterating campaign talking points on Ellison’s behalf.

Doug, turn up the heat! Readers who would like to obstruct Ellison’s continuing degradation of our politics and public life can contribute to Doug’s campaign here.