The farce this time

The Washington Post has played a key role in promoting the farce this time. Kim Strassel looks back at two wrinkles in the Post’s reporting in this Twitter thread. I have taken a screenshot of the end of the Twitter thread and embedded it below.

Drudge links to this accessible version of the long Washington Post story on “the GOP’s effort to save Kavanaugh[,]” as the San Antonio Express headline has it. At the end of this long story comes this note:

Another point of contention is Ford’s July 30 letter outlining the allegations sent to Feinstein and Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif. Republican senators, initially cut off from accessing the unredacted version of the letter, prodded Feinstein repeatedly to hand over her copy so they could conduct their investigation.

Feinstein gave the full letter to Grassley on Thursday, according to GOP and Democratic aides. Republicans have continued to harp on Feinstein for keeping the letter private, but she says she was honoring Ford’s wishes and, now that it is part Kavanaugh’s background check file, has declined to release it publicly.

“This is just bizarre,” one senior Senate GOP official said. “They want her to publicly testify . . . but the infamous letter is still not public. They won’t allow it to be.”

In case you might have forgotten about that letter, this note serves as a good reminder.