The NRA Fights Back

The Democrats have plunged us into a bizarre fantasy world in which Brett Kavanaugh, by all accounts one of the most honorable men in public life, is effectively on trial as a would-be rapist. Not because there is any evidence to that effect, but because it serves the Democratic Party’s political convenience. I have been waiting for more people on the sane side of the political fence to denounce the Democrats’ accusations for what they are: lies.

If there is one organization that knows how to fight, it is the National Rifle Association. The NRA has released this ad supporting Judge Kavanaugh and denouncing the Democrats’ smears. It features NRA President Lt. Col. Oliver North. The ad is titled “We Stand With Brett Kavanaugh.”

Polite Senate Republicans are being mugged by the political equivalent of hoodlums. We need more Americans to stand up and fight back, as the NRA is doing.


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