The Power Line Show, Ep. 87: She’s Ba-aaack! “Lucretia” on Cyber Security


Just in time for your morning commute, “Lucretia,” Power Line’s International Woman of Mystery (but think Stephanie Powers rather than Austin Powers) joins me again for the latest episode of the Power Line Show. Between the incessant controversy about Russia hacking our elections, and the recent recommendation of several U.S. science academies that we return to paper ballots, we thought it was high time to devote an episode to cyber-security issues. It turns out that in addition to being an expert on the Constitution (you may recall our two-part podcasts recently on the 14th Amendment), “Lucretia” also runs a cyber-security program at a major university. In addition to talking about the national security angles of cyber-security, Lucretia also fills us in about the risks facing every one of us who are constant users of the internet. (Hint: You might in fact actually want to cover up your laptop camera!)

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P.S. Music this week: The opening bumper music (since several people have asked) is “Buster” by moe (studio version—I forget which CD). The brief interlude music is “Umbilical Moonrise” by Lotus, and the exit music at the end is “New World Order” (fitting for a show about global cyber security) by The Word. Enjoy!


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