The Power Line Show, Ep. 88: “Breaking Away” with Reagan, Trump, and the Midterms

Just in time for your Saturday afternoon walk or downloading for your Monday commute, the latest episode of our podcast, which is based on a talk I gave earlier this week at the California Club in Los Angeles to the Friends of Ronald Reagan. The great fun of the evening was sitting over dinner with actor Dennis Quaid, who has recently signed to star as the Gipper in an upcoming biopic that looks very promising. I enjoyed talking with Quaid about one of my favorite early roles of his, as Mike in the 1979 classic “Breaking Away.” Even though he wasn’t the lead in the film, it was his breakout role, and more importantly, Quaid really understands the heartland vibe—one might even say the Trumpian populist vibe—of that charming film. Quaid also gets Reagan, too.

In any case, in my talk here I go through some of the larger background of our present moment, and offer a few observations about Reagan’s tough midterm elections and what Trump and Republicans might learn from it today. No refund if you don’t like this episode! (And enjoy some of the pics and video below.)

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Here’s a story and video clip of Quaid talking about his interest in the Reagan role.



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