The story so far

Now that we have heard from Leland Keyser — what, no Keyser Söze? — NR’s Charles Cooke has provided this handy summary of the story so far:

Well, we seem to have hit a brick wall. All four of the people named by Kavanaugh’s accuser have now given their accounts to the Senate. And all four of them have said either that Kavanaugh is innocent of all charges, or that they have no recollection of his doing anything — anything — wrong. Put as simply as can be, there is nothing in the testimony of any of the named witnesses that corroborates, supports, or even implies Dr. Ford’s allegations. Of the five people who were supposedly at the party, only the accuser has suggested misconduct.

I may be mistaken, but I doubt you will find such a blunt summary in mainstream media accounts today.


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