The Week in Pictures: Anonymous Edition

Power Line is facing a test of its blognificence unlike any faced by a modern American website. It is not just that the googleplex of leftist internet censorship looms large. Or that the readership is bitterly divided between dog pic lovers and cat pic lovers. I am an anonymous senior level staffer for Power Line who works diligently behind the scenes to curtail John’s beauty pageant “news” stories, Paul’s soccer posts, Scott’s 27-part series on the five-string bass stylings of Chris Hillman, and Steve’s frequent metaphysical hallucinations. You might very well think I am called “Joe,” but I couldn’t possibly comment. I am the only thing standing between you, dear reader, and anarchy. And more baseball posts.

Headlines of the week:

All by himself? Man, Kavanaugh must be some kind of Marvel Comic Universe Super Justice! Where does he hide his cape?

Correction of the month.

So crazy it just might work.

Dog of the week:

And finally. . .