The Whitehouse farce

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse appears to take himself extraordinarily seriously. He speaks gravely. He comes off as an old-fashioned stuffed shirt. When he makes a fool of himself he displays great comic potential. I thought that’s what he did as he examined Judge Kavanaugh on his high school yearbook entry in the course of Thursday’s Judiciary Committee hearing. Whitehouse, incidentally, is still mulling it over. He disputes Judge Kavanaugh’s veracity on the evidence of the yearbook. The FBI is needed to run down the class of 1983.

By Friday Whitehouse speculated that he had cracked the case based on Kavanaugh’s 1982 calendar, mysteriously overlooked in the course of his Thursday examination of the judge. NBC News provides the video clip of Whitehouse in gumshoe mode. NR”s Theodore Kupfer addresses the background to Whitehouse’s detective work here. The FBI can now pick up the ball from Senator Whitehouse.

Via Ed Morrissey/Hot Air.

UPDATE: Byron York has much more on the July 1, 1982 party.


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