Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll seems to have gone LITERALLY BAT-GUANO CRAZY. She writes:

I may have been one of the few who really enjoyed Cory Booker’s Oscar-worthy Spartacus impression on his audition tape for Democrat Presidential Timber 2020. You know why? Because he’s a guy, that’s why. And I am sick to death of women cornering the market on crazy. It’s downright embarrassing.

Let us begin by returning to Joy Behar and her “Trump is LITERALLY Hitler” histrionics. In the sage words of Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin) in The Princess Bride, “You keep using that word, but I do not think you know what it means.” Dictionary def of Literally: “exactly, precisely, really, truly.” If DJT were LITERALLY Hitler, he is remarkably energetic for 129. And praying at The Wall in Jerusalem, his new home for the American Embassy? What a lousy Hitler.

You notice that the wretched woman’s program on which Behar pontificates is called The View. Not “A View” or “A Bunch of Diverse Views.” Just THE View. This is the Word from On High concerning what women are told to think. Hard pass. Especially delivered by strident, arrogant, humorless, incredibly overpaid women whose main qualification seems to be that their IQs can be no larger than 1/3 of their weight. Who the hell WATCHES it? Who gives a rat’s patootie what these left-wing mush-brains think about anything?

We turn now to Unfunny Mean Girl Kathy Griffin who thinks high humor is accessorizing with a bloody severed head of the Commander In Chief of the United States. Let us briefly review her many attempts at redemption: first she apologized tearfully. Okay, to err is human, to forgive, divine. But wait! There’s more! Within minutes, she took back her apology and blamed DJT for “ruining” her. SHE was the victim here. Remember, kids, in Feminist Bizzaro World, men are all-powerful and women are Perpetual Victims who bear no responsibility for any consequences resulting from idiotic actions. Then, she said she was GLAD she had done it and would do other equally effective stunts, such as make fun of young Barron Trump.

Finally, she asserted nothing would have happened to a MALE who had himself photographed with a bloody severed head of the President. The last refuge of any disgraced member of a protected class nowadays is to hide behind xer Official Victim Status. (See: Williams, Serena; Spacey, Kevin; Brazile, Donna.)

Let me break it down for you, Ms. Griffin. Normal, sane people are not fans of beheading or the people who do it – Radical Muslims, serial killers, and cartel criminals. It is many degrees worse even than wishing for John Wilkes Booth to reappear (a popular, if unoriginal, Tweet), because it is uniquely personal and horrifying.

Normal, sane patriots may have differences with the President, but they don’t like people who advocate – in front of our enemies – the murder of a fellow American, especially the President. I despise Barack Hussein Obama, but I would have felt exactly the same way had you carted around his severed head. It is outside the bounds of acceptable behavior or protest. Period. And had it been done by a man, nothing about that would change. Look at yourself in the photo. You look demented. Get help. And maybe a sammich.

And how would Ms. Griffin have fared with that stunt under LITERAL Hitler? Ah, how well I remember the sad tale of Kati Von Griffinwurst, who carried a bloody severed head of Hitler around for well over seven minutes before she disappeared from the face of the earth. Unlike Ms. Griffin, she didn’t live long enough to change her story multiple times.

And merrily we roll along to the Kavanaugh hearings where women once again scaled new heights of crazy. Rosie shrieks that “women are going to die!” Yes, dear, and men too. All of us. 100%. Sad. The older I get, the more likely it seems that my cunning childhood plan to be the first NOT to die may not work out. Cher tweeted that “our lives will never be the same.” Did you know that with Kavanaugh on the court, this will be at least the 3rd or 4th Republican Administration in a row that we’ve been told was fixin’ to outlaw birth control? Luckily, for Cher and me, short of Divine intervention, that ship has sailed. Ditto for her son, Chaz.

The loons seem to have temporarily abandoned the attractive pink lady bits hats for the orange Little House on the Prairie style dresses and bonnets. This represents the dystopian view of a very bad writer who has evidently never known an actual man. If she had, she would know that no man who had total control over women – except for members of The Religion of Peace and Genital Mutilation — would opt to cover women’s bodies in shapeless orange.

Did The Handmaid’s Tale’s author never watch an episode of Star Trek? In THAT future, even the ugliest female alien beings have scantily clad beautiful bodies. They might have massive facial scars, scales or outsized ears, but they are thin, shapely, and identifiable as hotties, generally sporting cleavage. Not an orange maxi-dress or silly bonnet in the bunch.

And what must the author think of our wimpy sex that we would quietly submit to such nonsense? We are AMERICAN women, tough from day one – crossing oceans, rivers, mountains and prairies, farming and ranching alongside our menfolk, bearing children, working in defense plants during wars, becoming doctors and lawyers and astronauts and soldiers, and, yes, I have met a real woman Indian chief. I have been to Ladies’ Day at the tactical range. Trying to stuff us into ugly orange dresses and bonnets is not going to sit well with that strapped-up group in tight jeans, boots or high heels, and – sometimes – ill-advised low-cut tops which look cute but are not practical with hot flying shell casings.

No mention of mentally unhinged women would be complete without Crazy Maxine Waters, whose incoherent babbling has been reduced lately to the single repeated mantra, “impeachment!” She has urged fellow leftists to get in the faces of Trump staff and supporters wherever and whenever the thugs might find them – restaurants, stores, gas stations.

I must advise her and her minions that a very bad place to be would be between me and brunch. Especially featuring Cornbread, Muffins, Cinnabuns or other Butter Delivery Systems. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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