Trump stumps in West Virginia

I have become a fan of President Trump’s rallies in support of Republican candidates around the country. They are hugely entertaining, of course, but what a connection he has forged with supporters in flyover land. Last night he appeared in Wheeling, West Virginia to support Republican senatorial candidate Patrick Morrissey. Morrissey is engaged in a difficult but winnable race against Joe Manchin. In the matter of the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Manchin is running for the cover now freely offered by the aptly named Jeff Flake. Unbelievable.

Watching President Trump call out the Democrats’ game, as he does starting at around 8:30 of the video below, is free anger management therapy for me. President Trump is derided for his habitual exaggerations and departures from the truth by many (occasionally including me), but he performed some serious truth-telling here. He brought serious heat to Joe Manchin’s kitchen. Thank you, President Trump.

Quotable quote: “The entire nation has witnessed the shameless conduct of the Democrat Party. They’re willing to throw away every standard of decency, justice, fairness and due process to get their way. They don’t care how they get it. You see it happening before your eyes.”