Crazy Days [Updated]

As the election approaches, it seems that everything is spinning out of control. Here is a partial selection from the last day or two.

It came out that pink tutu-clad leftist Kyrsten Sinema, the Democrats’ nominee for the Senate from Arizona, once urged Texans to “stop your state from becoming Arizona” because Arizonans are “crazy.”

Nice campaign you had going there for a while, Kyrsten.

Then there is Tennessee, where “moderate” Democrat Phil Bredesen has been locked in a tight Senate race with Marsha Blackburn. Bredesen, unlike Heidi Heitkamp, thinks he has a chance to win and therefore announced that if he were in the Senate, he would vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, two of his staffers have confided that he was lying–a necessary lie because the people of Tennessee are ignorant. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Too bad about your endorsement, Taylor.

In Missouri, desperate Senator Claire McCaskill is on tape saying she is willing to give up the votes of rural Missourians in order to win big in St. Louis. I’m not sure how she will do in St. Louis, but I can tell you how she will do in the country:

You might think the Kavanaugh craziness is over, but no: Grabien has put together a montage of Democratic Party news media encouraging Democratic politicians to impeach Justice Kavanaugh if they take over the House. Grounds? Who needs grounds?

Finally, for a change of pace, something that is also a bit odd, if much less sinister: President Trump in the Oval Office with Jim Brown and Kanye West. Ponder Kanye’s theory of an infinite number of alternative universes, and how it relates to sentencing reform:

At one point, West calls himself a “crazy motherf*****,” but he isn’t crazy enough to run for the Senate as a Democrat.

UPDATE: One more I forgot to include. Our public schools lead the way in intelligent, informed discourse. This middle school is in North Carolina:


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