Fight Back Against Campus Leftism!

No one who reads this site needs to be told that far leftists dominate America’s college campuses and are warping the minds of a generation of young people. The question is, what can we do about it?

On Monday evening, Alan Dershowitz delivered a stirring defense of free speech to an audience of 770 at an event sponsored by my organization, Center of the American Experiment. I wrote about it here. Along the way, Dershowitz paid tribute to conservative students who are braving an increasingly hostile environment and raising the banner of individual freedom and constitutional government where it is least popular and most vulnerable. These students deserve our support.

I have a personal interest here, as my youngest daughter is the current Chair of the Minnesota College Republicans. She has enjoyed her activism, but it hasn’t been easy: she has been featured on Fox and Friends, among other media outlets, talking about the discrimination to which campus conservatives are routinely subjected. The Minnesota College Republicans are trying to raise a modest–read, pathetically small–amount of money to support the activities of member organizations.

These kids are on the front lines of the culture clash, and I am always impressed by the good humor with which they bring conservative (counter-cultural, in today’s world) messages to their fellow students. They eminently deserve our support. I am sure the same is true of College Republican groups in other states, but the Minnesota operation is the one I am familiar with. If you have 10 or 20 bucks to spare, you can go here to learn about their organization and here to donate to their cause.

In an era in which political candidates routinely spend millions in often-uninspiring races, it is telling that the largest donation button on their site is $100. We will never match the Left in self-interested funding, but at least we can lend a helping hand to those who are standing up for freedom under difficult circumstances. If you want to contribute to a college Republican group in your state, I encourage you to do a Google search or two. They won’t be hard to find, and they will be grateful for the most modest donations.

If you want to contribute to an organization for young people with a national scope, I recommend Turning Point USA. Turning Point is an aggressive, fun, principled, pro-free market organization that was founded by Charlie Kirk and received a huge boost from the contributions of Candace Owens, whom I wrote about here. Later this month, I will attend a portion of TPUSA’s Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House. I know, I am neither young nor black, but managed to wangle an invitation anyway.

Recent events in Washington have revealed the stark reality that pro-America, pro-free enterprise, pro-free speech Americans are in a fight for our lives. Thankfully, some young people are bringing our messages and our values to the most critical battleground, the next generation. It would be great if you could help them.


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