From my conservative cousin in California

As longtime Power Line readers may recall, I have occasionally posted the political commentary of my conservative cousin from New York over the years. This post, though, is by my conservative cousin from California.

But here’s the thing: it’s the same guy. After more than 70 years in New York City, my conservative cousin — the quintessential New Yorker — has moved to California so he can live near his two grandchildren. (All five of my other first cousins were born in New York City too, but each on moved away 40 years ago, or more).

My cousin sent this dispatch from his new State:

Been in Walnut Creek for six weeks, becoming a real suburbanite. Haven’t been to San Francisco yet. The town is a pleasant bastion of civility, the GOP, and middle class values.

Voted by mail yesterday, as the polling location’s a long walk from my apartment. Voted straight Republican where that was an option. Left U.S. Senate ballot blank.

Hard to get information on state and local issues. The San Francisco Chronicle and East Bay Times share the same liberal biases of the NY Times. For the non-partisan judges where I was a “low information” voter, I went to a site called Progressive California; supported all the candidates they opposed and did the opposite for the ones they liked. Followed that logic for the propositions, [except that I] used the Public Service Employees Unions as my lodestar.

Reading The NY Times daily; a habit I can’t seem to kick. Today’s paper included a piece by Jim Rutenberg puzzling as to why Trump’s attacks on the mainstream media resonate with so many Americans.

Mr. Rutenberg might want to take a look at the headline “Outspoken Trump Supporter in Florida Charged in Attempted Bombing Spree” that headlined the October 27th issue of his paper after Cesar Saydoc was caught. Would the Times even consider a headline “Trump Opponent Shoots Up Synagogue”? Both statements are literally true and totally misleading.

Another Times gem – “Trump and GOP Candidates Escalate Race and Fear as Election Ploys” from the Oct. 23rd NY Times. Apparently the President and some Republican candidates have the nerve to express concerns about the broken immigration system and letting the Honduran caravan into Texas without any meaningful screening.

To Joe Biden, who was quoted in the same article, that’s enough to charge the GOP with seeking to win the election with racial appeals. Apparently, this is considered perfectly reasonable commentary. . rather than what it blatantly is; an attempt to stoke fear among minority voter and to silence serious debate on any meaningful way to secure our borders.

Great post on Salonika. How fortunate we are that our grandparents had the luck or foresight to make the trip across the ocean. But what do I know? Andrew Cuomo says America was never that great.

From a political point of view, moving from New York to California seems like a case of “out of frying pan and into the fire.” But having lived in Maryland for the past 38 years, I’m not in a position to talk.


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