Max Boot’s midlife crisis

Most of us have heard of the midlife crisis and some may know about it first hand. Max Boot’s midlife crisis seems unusually acute.

First, he abandons long-held positions. Then, he forgets how to make a coherent argument. Now, he tweets: “I enjoyed chatting with ⁦‪@StormyDaniels‬⁩ at the reception after ⁦‪@RealTimers‬⁩ tonight.”

I’m not on Twitter, but was under the impression that only teenagers, narcissists, and the hopelessly starstruck put up tweets about whom they just chatted with.

Boot doesn’t tell us what he and Stormy chatter about. It’s probably just as well.

Here are some of the possibilities:

1. Symbolism in “Lust on the Prairie.”

2. The best way to get rid of a terrible lawyer.

3. Stripping made new. . . unsuccessfully.

4. Donald Trump’s private parts.

5. The uses of hats.

6. How the midlife crises of men and women compare.