Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe: Both right about the other

According to the Washington Post, at a meeting with special counsel Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe feuded over the issue of recusal from the Russia investigation. McCabe argued that Rosenstein should step aside because of his involvement in the firing of James Comey — an issue that Mueller was almost certain to investigate (and reportedly has been investigating). Rosenstein argued that McCabe should bow out because of his deep loyalty to Comey and his anger over the firing.

Both were right. Rosenstein was a player in one of the matters to be investigated and McCabe had an obvious bias regarding that incident.

Yet, neither recused himself. McCabe is gone, but Rosenstein oversees Mueller to this very day.

Not much, though. The Post implies that, in light of compromised positions of Rosenstein and McCabe, it was clear at the meeting in question that Mueller would have a great degree of independence.

And so he has. Consequently, Mueller is now, in effect, the Grand Inquisitor of all things Trump.

What a shit show.