Save the Senate: Long shots

If nothing else, the past week brought home the importance of keeping the Senate under Republican control. Paul Mirengoff usually takes the time to sort the races out for us, but we have let the task go this year. Now is the time. In previous posts I took a look at top takeaway opportunities and top seats to be defended. John made an appeal on behalf of Minnesota’s Karin Housley in her race against the weak appointed incumbent Tina Smith here.

My point, and I do have one, is to ask readers to consider supporting the GOP candidates with our dollars. In my notes on each race I link to the Republican candidate’s donation page. Here I would like to add three races where I think the Republican candidate, however worthy, must be deemed long shots.

Top long shots:

Bob Hugin v. Robert Menendez:
Robert Menendez is the incumbent Democratic senator. He dodged a vacation in the big house when a New Jersey jury failed to arrive at a verdict on the corruption charge brought against him. The Senate Ethics Committee formally admonished Menendez. New Jersey voters have gotten the message. He is under water.
In the most recent poll, Hugin has pulled within 2 points, at 45-43 percent. RCP aggregation here.
Please contribute to Bob Hugin here.

Leah Vukmir v. Tammy Baldwin:
Tammy Baldwin is a Madison lefty. Leah Vukmir serves in the Wisconsin Senate. She would be a vast improvement over Baldwin even if she weren’t running as a solid conservative. Democrats appear to be on the rampage in Wisconsin.
In the most recent poll, Baldwin is +11. RCP aggregation is here.
Please contribute to Leah Vukmir here.

Jim Renacci v. Sherrod Brown.
Sherrod Brown is a labor leftist, but he has had to square the circle as Ohio Democrats have struggled with their own union issues. Jim Renacci is a solid conservative candidate has struggled to achieve liftoff. He would represent a vast improvement over Brown.
In the most recent poll, Brown is +13. RCP aggregation is here.
Please contribute to Jim Renacci here.