Save the Senate: Loose ends

While Paul Mirengoff was on vacation, I attempted to fill his accustomed role with a look at critical Senate races in three posts: Save the Senate: Takeaway opportunities, Save the Senate: On defense, and Save the Senate: Long shots. John has written several times in support of Karin Housley’s challenge to appointed incumbent Minnesota Senator Tina Smith. I want to revisit one race and note two that I should have included earlier. Here are they are:

Patrick Morrissey v. Joe Manchin:
This is an uphill race that may be winnable. I don’t know. The NRSC has released a Fabrizio, Lee & Associates poll showing Manchin well under 50 percent and Morrissey with an improbable lead. The Washington Free Beacon’s Elizabeth Harrington reports the poll here. I doubt it, but I won’t pretend to have a clue. I do know that Manchin is a reliable Schumer vote despite his pretensions to the contrary.
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John James v. Debbie Stabenow:
The polls show Stabenow with a huge lead. On the merits, however, John James is a stellar candidate. He is a West Point grad and “Ranger-qualified aviation officer.” His campaign site notes that “John went on to serve with distinction in Operation Iraqi Freedom where he earned a Combat Action Badge (CAB) and two Air Medals, among other awards, while logging 753.8 flight hours in theater leading two Apache platoons.” Out of the military, he has helped the family business prosper. We need his like in Congress.
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Jim Newberger v. Amy Klobuchar:
Amy Klobuchar is another phony moderate running a vacuous campaign that omits mention of every significant vote she has case in Congress. She is a popular incumbent with a sick genius for fostering an appearance that is belied by the reality of her politics and her character. Next stop: the 2020 presidential campaign! Jim Newberger is a genuine conservative who has worked as a paramedic for 30 years serving a Level I Trauma hospital in the Twin Cities. While recovering from an injury he sustained on the job, Jim got interested in grassroots politics. He has served six years representing rural constituents in the Minnesota House. I’m sorry he’s leaving the state legislature, but he is the superior candidate by far in this race.
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