Trump Surges: Is it the Economy or Kavanaugh?

Or both. Today’s Rasmussen Reports has President Trump at 51% approval, 48% disapproval. Equally significant is his so-called Approval Index, the difference between Strong Approval and Strong Disapproval. That index now stands at -1, with 38% strongly approving of the president. For purposes of comparison, Barack Obama’s Approval Index was -11 at the same point in his presidency. Obama rarely achieved an Approval Index as favorable as -1.

I have no doubt that President Trump is benefiting from the Brett Bounce. At the same time, the economy has to be a factor. The unemployment rate is a flawed statistic, but the lowest unemployment since 1969–3.7%–is obviously good news. President Trump’s is achieving, on the economy, what Barack Obama and other Democrats assured us was impossible a few years ago.

Just wait until voters start to notice how successful Trump has been in the realm of foreign policy!