Fear the Dreiband effect

Sen. Joe Donnelly consistently led Mike Braun in polls of the Indiana Senate race. Then, Donnelly cast a fatal vote on a controversial presidential nominee.

No, I’m not talking about Brett Kavanaugh. I’m talking about Eric Dreiband.

You see, Eric is a Hooiser. He hails from Indianapolis, where he was a high school football star (he also starred at Princeton).

When Eric’s Indianapolis buddies found out that their Senator, Joe Donnelly, voted against their homey, they were incensed. According to Eric, they vowed to defeat Donnelly.

Soon after that, Braun pulled even with Donnelly, if not ahead, in the polls.

You can look it up. Donnelly continues to lead Braun in polls taken shortly after voting against Kavanaugh. Then, on October 11, he doubles down on stupid and votes against Eric. Immediately, his lead shrinks to 1 point, and in the next two polls, Braun is ahead.

Coincidence? I think not.

Eric and I have been joking about the “Dreiband effect” for weeks now. We shared another chuckle about it yesterday at Eric’s swearing-in ceremony at the Department of Justice.

For Donnelly, it’s no laughing matter, though. Fear the Dreiband effect and don’t got on the wrong side of his Indy crew.


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