Gaetz on the case

First Marco Rubio sent up a flare to draw attention to the absurd post-election shenanigans in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Monica Showalter collects Rubio’s tweets here. Drawing on the work of Mollie Hemingway and others, John has more here.

Florida Fist District Rep. Matt Gaetz has taken up the case as an observer on behalf of Governor Scott (I believe) and as a citizen journalist posting on his Twitter accounts here (official) and here (personal). In a contentious interview with Chris “Fredo” Cuomo on CNN, Rep. Gaetz tried to explain why what happened in Broward County is unacceptable.

The nub of the interview is below. The whole thing is here. The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey has an account of the interview here; Mediaite’s Tamar Auber also covers it here.

Quotable quote: “They’re hiding the proof. They’re playing hide the ball with the freaking ballots!”

UPDATE: Gaetz has also just posted the video below from a hearing in Palm Beach County.