How can Love survive? The answer

With a little help from the lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, I asked last week “How can Love survive?” Unlike Rodgers, my reference wasn’t romantic. I was holding out hope for Utah Fourth District Rep. Mia Love in her contest with Democratic challenger Ben McAdams. As of this past Friday, Love had pulled ahead of McAdams for the first time by a few hundred votes. In the final result certified yesterday, however, Love lost by 739 votes.

In his own retrospective on the November 6 election results, President Trump had gloated prematurely if ungraciously over Love’s defeat. The president might not understand that there is no scenario under which a further contraction of the Republicans’ minority in the House is to his advantage. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi can explain it to him. I hope Love will return to the fray under more favorable circumstances in 2020.