McSally’s sally

I have no predictions regarding tomorrow’s elections. I mostly have hopes and fears. I hope Republicans do better than predicted in the House and the Senate. I fervently hope that Rep. Martha McSally defeats hippie-dippie leftist Kyrsten Sinema in the contest for Arizona’s open Senate seat. I should like to think that her hitting the high notes and the low notes and the notes in between as she performed the National Anthem before ASU’s homecoming game on Saturday (video below) was an omen and not just another sign of her superiority to Sinema, who handled the coin toss.

Our friend Manny Laureano holds down the position of Principal Trumpet with the Minnesota Orchestra. He makes (and teaches) music for a living. Manny comments via Twitter: “That took guts for someone who isn’t a professional singer to do in front of a huge, judging crowd. What she lacks in perfection she makes up in spirit and sincerity. Nicely done and Brava to you!”


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