Stacey Abrams fizzles in Georgia [UPDATED]

In July, I wrote this about the impending Georgia gubernatorial race between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams:

Kemp and Abrams both have run as immoderate candidates. Kemp aped President Trump, especially his political incorrectness. Abrams tacked hard to the left.

Kemp is strong on gun rights and vows to sign the nation’s toughest anti-abortion laws. Abrams vows to make protecting abortion rights a central part of her campaign.

Abrams’ top policy priority is an expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. She says she will reverse an income tax cut to help fund the expansion.

Abrams also supports eliminating cash bail for poor defendants, ending capital punishment, and decriminalizing some marijuana offenses. Kemp favors tough-on-crime drug laws and backs a “public safety reform” package that includes higher police pay and new anti-gang initiatives.

Voter ID laws will also be a central issue. As Secretary of State, Kemp has backed strict ID requirements. Abrams made her name in part by opposing such requirements, and the two clashed over the validity of voter registrations Abrams obtained during a drive. Litigation ensued. Both candidates claimed victory.

Only one will be able to claim it in November.

Kemp is the one. He leads Abrams, 53.3 to 45.8.

I don’t know which of the issues I discussed above were decisive. I imagine all or most of them played a role. Georgia remains a solidly Red State.

UPDATE: Abrams has pulled to within 3 points of Kemp. She won’t win, but her showing is far more respectable than implied by this post. Georgia is Red, but perhaps not all that solidly.