The far-left scorecard

Josh Kraushaar compiled what he calls the progressive scorecard from last night. Note that it includes only seriously contested races. (Bernie Sanders won, as did the 29 year-old airhead from New York with the hyphenated name):

Arizona governor: Garcia loses
Florida governor: Gillum loses
Georgia governor: Abrams loses
Maryland governor: Jealous loses
Texas senator: O’Rourke loses
California 45th: Porter trails
Nebraska 2nd: Eastman loses
Pennsylvania 1st: Wallace loses
Virginia 5th: Cockburn loses

Dave Weigel adds three more to the scorecard:

Indiana 9th: Liz Watson loses
New York 24th: Dana Balter loses
Wisconsin 1st: Randy Bryce loses

This covers almost every region of the country. America isn’t quite ready for socialism yet.