Waiting for the election (or something like the results)

As I write in the early morning hours of November 7, the Senate races in Arizona and Montana remain too close to call. Republican candidates Martha McSally and Matt Rosendale hold narrow leads over their Democratic opponents, hippie dippie left-wing flake (and phony moderate) Kyrsten Sinema and incumbent Jon Tester, respectively.

In Arizona, “easily hundreds of thousands” have yet to be counted, according to a spokesman for the Arizona Secretary of State quoted by The Hill. A winner may not be declared for days.

In Montana, as of 3:10 a.m., Rosendale held a 4,400 vote lead over Tester. Rosendale’s lead was reported to have widened while the results trickled in overnight. By contrast with the Arizona race, however, at least according to the linked story, the result of the election is expected to be determined today.

UPDATE: Tester is the announced winner of the Montana Senate election.