A Reminder of Better Times and Better Leaders

Is it purely a coincidence that the governments of Britain, France, and Germany are all in deep trouble? Both Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron may not survive the week, and Angela Merkel is testing just how long a lame duck period is possible. Gee—I wonder what they have in common? It’s a total mystery. (NB: Theresa May and the Tories would likely already be gone were it not for the fact that the Labour Party is headed by a complete lunatic who makes Bernie Sanders look like a middle-of-the-road Boy Scout.)

Hence it is fun to see a reminder of what real political leadership looks like, from not all that long ago:

(The Maastricht Treaty was a key step in creating the EU as we know it today, and from which Britain is trying to Brexit.)

Meanwhile, while we are on the subject of sensible prime ministers, this is always worth keeping in mind, too:

“The quantity is naturally indefinite.” Settled science.