“As Malcolm Nance reveals…”

Tucker Carlson delivered a hilarious monologue featuring MSNBC’s Brian Williams and his guest Malcolm Nance last night. RealClearPolitics hast posted the transcript here. Tucker brilliantly exposes the insane prattle with which we have been inundated by the Democrats and their media adjunct over the past two years. It’s hard to laugh about it, but Tucker succeeds with mockery fit for the occasion. “As Malcolm Nance reveals,” “as Malcolm Nance explains” become riotous catchphrases. I am cautiously filing this under Laughter Is the Best Medicine.

Quotable quote (Brian Williams): “Wow. Malcolm Nance this is why we ask you all the time to come on this broadcast. Scary stuff but it needs to be said, needs to be heard. Thank you, sir, so much for joining us once again.”